"How to Conquer Your Dream Body, For Life..."

One of the greatest keys to my success throughout my body transformation journey that allowed me to gain 56 pounds of muscle naturally in 10 months while maintaining six pack abs and keep my dream body over the past 7 years, is by being conscious of the things that I need to do.

And what exactly are those things?

Well some might say that it's by consistently counting calories. Others might think that it's by rigidly following well-known diet programs or exercise routines.

But in reality, it's much more fundamental, yet inconspicuous, than you might think.

Let me step in your shoes for just a moment.

You’ve probably experienced the countless diets and weight training programs from experts out there who have all failed to help you achieve your dream body.

Some of them have told you what supplements to take. Others might have simply told you what foods to eat, and what foods to not eat. And many have probably even spewed out all of the science behind the nutrition and exercises that you should be following.

Unfortunately, even after the multitude of tips and tricks that you’ve been given, you still can’t seem to achieve the body that you want.

Why is it so hard to keep your weight off? Why is it so difficult for you to build muscle? Why is it such a pain to go on this thing called a “diet?”

Most importantly, why is it so hard to stay motivated throughout your program for you to see the results that you want so badly, even when you’re doing exactly what the “experts” have recommended?

I completely understand your frustration.

You see, what I realized during my journey when it comes to achieving the body that you want naturally, is that there is the amateur way...and then there is the warrior way.

Amateurs blindly follow a program, diligently counting calories and holding themselves back from enjoying the foods that they love.

They spend countless hours at the gym, and even starve themselves, only to become frustrated in the end and gain back all of their weight when they finally can’t take it anymore.

Tons of effort, for very minimal results.

On the other hand, warriors realize that proper knowledge gives them the skills that they need in order to achieve their goals, and that a strong mentality helps them attain and persist those results for life.

As it happens, warriors get far better results in as little as 10 minutes, physically doing what many amateurs would do for hours. Plus, they hardly consider their “diet” as a suffering, as they still get to eat the foods they love.

The result of applying the warrior ways in your body transformation journey is the healthiest, sexiest, and most satisfying and confident lifestyle that you can ever have for yourself.

In fact, here’s WHY you want to craft your dream body as soon as possible.

You see, when you have the body of your dreams, you essentially become a leader and a role model in the eyes of those around you. You are their lighthouse in the stormy seas.

You can walk into a room full of people, and immediately command respect and gain authority.

When you have the body of your dreams, others subconsciously become more and more attracted to you.

As your attraction increases, your networking opportunities surge. Moreover, because attraction is not a choice, your mating opportunities become absolutely incredible.

And when you have the body of your dreams, everything that you want in life becomes much easier and attainable, because through the process of physically building your body, you will have also mentally invested in yourself.

For example, after I had achieved my peak physique in the summer of 2011, web development became a great passion of mine. I set out to become a full-time web developer by quickly learning the skills that I needed and building my own web apps.

Within a year, I had landed an internship, and subsequently my first gig, at a company that then repeatedly bumped up my salary over and over again by over 61% (not including equity compensation) in a matter of just two years. How?

Simple. I had applied the same principles that I had learned from transforming my body to help me transform my own career.

Clearly, building your physique and foundation so that you can achieve anything that you want is the greatest advantage that you can have in your life.

BUT... in order to enjoy the benefits that this kind of transformation can provide, you have to build your physique first.

I started crafting my body back in the summer of my freshman year in college. Here is what I looked like at the time:

Before picture - 126 pounds of skin and bones Before picture - 126 pounds of skin and bones

I was just an average and scrawny guy with no special genes. In fact, I wore baggy clothes all the time to cover up my stick figure.

Within 4 months of starting my body transformation journey, I was able to go from that flat-out scrawny figure of 126 pounds of skin and bones, to having an incredibly lean physique with six pack abs.

Within the next 8 months, by the summer of my sophomore year, I would go on to skyrocket my body to 182 pounds of lean muscle, while still maintaining my six pack abs:

After picture - 182 pounds of lean mass

Needless to say, going through my body transformation journey has given me great physical results, but what's really mattered the most is the kind of lifestyle that this journey can provide you with - a life of health, strength, satisfaction, confidence, and above all, perseverance.

While my body transformation journey has taught me how to transform my career and helped me accomplish huge personal goals, I'm also very grateful for the little things that it has given me over the years...

Like walking along the beautiful beaches of Maui recently with the love of my life and feeling confident about the wandering eyes of bystanders who look in my direction...

Or having the physical fitness to endure mile-long hikes along the mountains of ziplining courses...

Or being able to eat the foods that I love without worrying about being out of shape...

Or inspiring random people along the street who compliment me and ask how they can craft the same body for themselves.

So if there's a gift that I could give to others in my life, it would be to show you how to transform your physique and achieve the body of your dreams, so that you, too, can enjoy the little blessings that I enjoy on a daily basis, and ultimately build the foundation that you need to conquer anything else that you want in life.

If you’re interested in learning how to quickly and naturally burn off tons of fat, build a tremendous amount of lean muscle mass, and keep your dream body for life, you’ll want to grab a copy of my eBook - Your Warrior Transformation.

Your Warrior Transformation is a step-by-step blueprint that I have created to help you achieve the everlasting body you’ve always wanted, whether you're 300 pounds overweight, or you're the scrawny kid that I once was.

So if you are:

  • tired of being overweight, scrawny, or just average
  • frustrated from wasting time counting calories and failing your previous diets
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  • excited to take charge of and attain success in all aspects of life
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  • ready to empower yourself and achieve your ultimate, life-long physique

then this book is for you.

Furthermore, because I am confident that the knowledge, skills, tools, and mentality that you gain from my book will help you achieve the results that you've been looking for,

And because it is my absolute mission to make sure that you successfully reach your goal, and that you completely receive the most value from my book,

If, at any point after perusing the book and diligently applying the system that we create together, you are not satisfied with your progress or results, my book comes with a 60-Day, money back guarantee.

I am here to change the world one story at a time, starting with you. I am dedicated to making sure that you find nothing less than the utmost success in your body transformation journey. So together, let’s become warriors and achieve prosperity not only in our health and physique, but also in all aspects of our lives.

Your warrior companion,
Ken Yu